11 of our favorite frozen meals to use in a pinch

I cook from scratch, but homemade fries? That happens once a year – at most. In the meantime, I preheat the oven every week or two for a bag of Alexia-branded frozen fries, which luckily have a short list of ingredients and, at least when hot, come surprisingly close to the taste and texture of home-made fries. This is especially the case with the waffle cut variant, which has all these extra edges to get crispy in the oven. However, I am not following the instructions on the bag exactly; I use higher heat and put the baking sheet in the oven while it preheats so the fries hit a hot surface from the start. If you have a hot air fryer, you know what to do. I don’t, so I sometimes take the extra step of cooking them on a rack that fits the pan and use my oven’s convection setting for the oven to speed up the process and add to that satisfying crunch. – Joe Yonan

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