A look at teams recovering from early season losses to Alabama

For the majority of the teams that have played against Alabama in recent years, the outcome is not very questionable.

Most teams lose to the Crimson Tide – and lose easily in the process.

With that in mind, the next question that teams need to answer in the fight against Alabama is most important: How will you react from this Alabama game?

There are plenty of examples of teams going sideways after early season losses to Alabama (like FSU 2017), but we’d like to keep it positive and highlight some teams that brought their lumps into the Crimson Tide in early season losses which then turned into successful seasons.

We’ll start with the latest example from Texas A&M in 2020, losing 52:24 to Alabama in the second week of the season.

In that game, Texas A&M split the game 14-14 early in the second quarter, but the Crimson Tide blew up to a 45-17 lead in the middle of the fourth quarter when they blew up for a 435-yard pass.

This Miami team probably isn’t as good as the 2020 Texas A&M team, but the Aggies took a demoralizing loss to Alabama and showed the ability to recover by not losing a game for the rest of the year.

This TAMU team was very good, but Alabama was just on another level.

In 2016, Alabama beat USC, 52-6 in the season opener.

That Trojan team wobbled in the immediate weeks following that opener, losing games to Stanford and Utah in September, but that USC team picked up nine straight wins from October through January.

That USC team moved on to quarterback, outperforming Sam Darnold over Max Browne, and finishing with a 10-3 record including a dramatic Rose Bowl win over Penn State.

Last year, Wisconsin fell to Alabama, 35-17, in a neutral season opener kicking off the 2015 season.

The Badgers finished that year with a 10-3 record, including a win over USC in the Holiday Bowl.

Can these Miami Hurricanes 2021 be the next of those teams to show the ability to get their season back on track after a tough loss to Alabama?

Time will tell, but on paper this UM team still has the chance to win ten games.

Nesta Jade Silvera started on the defensive and made it clear that Miami trained with an advantage this week. We’ll see this week if that intensity carries over to the field.

“You can’t let the same thing beat you two games in a row,” said Silvera. “We took this loss and we have to go on and improve and get better.

“If you don’t have an advantage after beating 44-13, then you shouldn’t be playing the sport. Manager Diaz came in on Sunday and told us what to do and let us know what to do and now we are following his word.

That road to double digit victories in 2021 begins this week against a feisty and talented Appalachian state.

Miami has to show itself at its best.

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