Animal rights activists protest against Monkey Rodeo at the Broward County Fair

Broward County FairIt features funnel cake and cotton candy vendors, as well as more than 75 rides including a ferris-wheel and funhouse. But it’s not. theDaily Banana Derby Show, capuchin monkeys ride horses on the racetrack like jockeys. theLocal animal panties rights activists.

They met on Tuesday evening. the sidewalk outside the Margate Exhibition Center and chanted and hoisted signs saying “STOP CRUEL DOG ​​+ MONKEY RACES” and “ANIMALS ARE NOT TO USE OUR ENTERTAINMENT”. To raise awareness, an activist donned a monkey costume.

Susan Hargreaves, an animal rights activist for many years, said that it was “utter cruelty”. rightsActivist who organized theProtests are told theNew Times She is theCreator of AnimalHero Kids and Be An Animal Hero. “The most sad thing you can see in life is when [the monkeys]They have a look of resignation where they have lost hope. It’s a blank expression.

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Animal rights activists protest outside the Broward County FairOn November 23, 2021

Photo courtesy Patti Roth

Theoretically, the idea of ​​a little monkey wearing miniature jockey silk on a dog sounds adorable.

Hargreaves disagrees theTwo Capuchin monkeys, Gilligan and Burt, were strapped to saddles and “jerked violently across” the jungle. the track. Sometimes, she adds, theInadvertently, dogs run theMonkeys againstYou can build walls, fences, and poles. In some cases she may have even heard of them. theTo prevent monkeys from biting, they have to have their teeth pulled. the dogs.

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“That can still shock me after 41 years,” she sighs.

The Broward County FairThe address is theSite of theMargate Swap Shop is back in town until December 6th. Hargreaves theFair has been included theBanana Derby atAt least 2014, and possibly beyond. theShows take place atMinimum three times per day

The Broward County FairWe did not respond theNew Times email request for comment.

Margate is under supervision theFair and activistsResidents are urging city officials to ban the show.

In an email, theAccording to the city, it does not have the authority cancel. the banana derby entirely.

“Community Redevelopment Agency officials approve theUse of theProperty from the CRA thefair and have had the opportunity to speak with them theOperators the Broward County Fair”In support of animal welfare” theStatement. “You have assured that we are safe.” theAnimals will not be abused, and they have already told us this. theThe crime will not end.”

People for theEthical Treatment of Animals, Banana Derby Exhibitor Philip Hendricks was “quoted” by theUS Department of Agriculture: Animals are not provided with space, environment enrichment, clean, healthy food, or clean water.

PETA also asserts that such shows are not like the banana derby cause theCapuchin monkeys are known to exhibit “neurotic and self-destructive behaviours such as walking and rocking, swaying. They also bite cages and commit self-mutilation.”

Hendricks claimed that Gilligan, his pet monkey who was riding in show races, inspired him to start running them. WSVN-TV was informed by Hendricks that theHe considered primates “like his family”.

Hargreaves questions the claim.

She said, “I wouldn’t take grandmother and strap her on a dog’s back to perform her.” “I would not do that to my family. It’s a dysfunctional family.”

Kari Bagnall, founder and CEO of theJungle Friends Primate Sanctuary, Gainesville, offers to save theProvide a natural habitat for monkeys Alachua officials were urged to adopt her in 2015. CountyTo ban all “nonhuman primate acts.”

“In theThey would be safe in sanctuary. theHargreaves says that Hargreaves is committed to living the most natural life possible, without trauma, restrictions, or unnatural actions. “You might be able climb trees. the first time.”

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