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Oh, Miami, if you look at the tabloids (or even from your car window) you will see a life of wealth and luxury with rappers and Kardashians drinking champagne on yachts. What is it? Don’t have seven million on a 92-foot Ferretti yacht? Well, here’s a little secret: these celebrities probably don’t have one, either. Instead, they charter. Boatsetter, a kind of Airbnb for yachts, rents these Ferretti to you for a cool $ 16,000 per day. The yacht comes complete with the captain, crew, ice, towels and fuel; They only BYOB and eat. Sounds expensive? Well, the yacht can hold a dozen people, each a little more than a thousandth. You’d probably be spending as much if you went to Disney World over the weekend. Let’s see … stand in line for It’s a Small World while you eat a giant turkey leg, or do a funky baller for a day? If the yacht is a little too expensive, Boatsetter has more modest vessels to look over. A pelican pontoon with a captain costs $ 200 and can accommodate up to 12 people. Yes, it’s a smaller boat – but the water and views are exactly the same.

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