Claire’s tip of the week: Grill vegetables for flavor, texture – South Florida Sun Sentinel

Grilling produces char. vegetablesFlavoring, such as the romaine lettuce used in this Caesar salad recipe adds depth and flavor. texturevisual appeal. But don’t stop at lettuce. You may already have grilled onions, peppers and mushrooms in your kitchen. Try something less obvious vegetablesLike avocados, tomato halves or cucumber slices, cauliflower steaks and broccoli, green beans, carrots, or okra. For tenderer meats, vegetablesCook on one side. A hot fire will quickly create a smoky charcoal and searing grill marks. theInterior surface or leaving theExternal scorched or mushy. A perforated grill plate, or wooden or metallic skewers are useful. forMinimizing your footprint vegetables corralled. Lower theHeat a little forSome people are more fervent and will need to be turned. the heat. Try adding sesame or coconut oil, your favorite marinade or dressing, and a pinch of salt. ofFresh chopped herbs

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