Claire’s tip: The many uses of anise seeds – South Florida Sun Sentinel

Anise seedsThey are commonly used in Italian, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines. Other than for culinary purposes, usesThe licorice-flavored spice has been many health benefits. TheIron rich seedsAntibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.-Inflammatory properties. Some cultures have it. anise seedsThey are used after meals to aid digestion, to soothe upset stomachs, or as natural breath fresheners. You can also chew. seedsThe seedsYou can make flavorful tea from a single teaspoon by simmering it. of seeds per cup ofYou can boil water for up to 5 minutes depending upon the strength you desire. Strain and add honey or lemon peel. The seedsAlso, can be used to flavor hot chocolate and coffee.

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