Could John Wall show up as a possible option for Miami Heat?

A: This is the one I’ve been trying to avoid. for aSince David Aldridge first introduced the idea to The Athletic. First, the Rockets don’t have the motivation to trade prior to the close on February 10th. asThere are aThere is a very slim chance that you will use it. John WallThe money is yours aTrade. Additionally, it is not asIf JohnHe showed no interest in resigning, despite the $ 44.3 million he made this season and $ 47.4 millions he (guaranteed) to make in 2022-23. The Heat cannot collect at the moment. aMinimum wage without increasing the luxury tax. However, accepting the money and putting it aside would be a good idea. aLater optionI don’t see any disadvantage now, more than ever before. He was motivated in the first half of last season JohnIt was a great experience forRockets. The Rockets then traded James Harden to the tank. There’s no telling what else the Rockets might do. aPlayer will look like after completing the game, but JohnTrains in MiamiIt is a great place to be in the off-season.

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