Does the depth of the Brooklyn Nets complicate Miami Heat’s NBA hopes?

A: First of all, don’t overestimate the regular season. With so many older players at their core, the nets will be careful when it comes to tracking the seeding. With Kevin Durant turning 32 this month, 32 with James Harden and 29 with Kyrie Irving, the most important thing is still to get them safely to the regular season finish. But what you see with the Big Three of the Nets is what we saw with the Big Three of the Heat, that time-honored veterans need less to play for something tangible, like the Heat with Shane Battier, Mike Miller and Ray Allen was the case among others. So now it’s not just Durant, Harden, and Irving with the nets, but Patty Mills, Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap, Jevon Carter, DeAndre Bembry, James Johnson, as well as reliable pieces from last season’s core like Bruce Brown and Joe Harris. It’s the NBA way: the best get better.

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