Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Bannisters’ rejects personalities, delves deeply into personal relationships through champion songwriting

The American singer-songwriter Blue Bannisters sang the tracks to his song. Lana DelOver the years, Rey has taken many forms. Over the years, the album name has undergone many changes. The immediate announcement of the former name “Rock Candy Sweet” was made the day after the release their previous project “Chemtrails over the Country Club”.

Early work was shaped by her use of personas. Her eighth album, which is not influenced by the obsession with American culture and fashion of the 1950s and 60s or the drugged celebrities larger than life, separates these influences. personal tones.

Her second album was released that same year. DelRey talks more about her family now than in any of her previous endeavors. It’s all about her. relationshipsWith her parents and the adorable outro her sister supported when her mom became a mother.

The album is open and honest, which is welcome. However, it shows a lack of trust in its audience and a refusal to be confident in its own abilities.

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You will find references to current catchphrases all over the album. Multiple references are made to the Black Lives Matter marches, Zoom calls, ongoing pandemic, and other current catchphrases. On the final song, the album stamps the current iPhone.

“Name your baby Lilac Heaven after the iPhone 11!” DelRey. Rey.

The “Black Bathing Suit”, a pandemic-inspiring theme, combines some of the pandemic isolation themes intoAlthough the song is quite good and is one the most memorable moments of the album, the idea are mostly scattered and lost. DelRey continues to move.

DelRey has been a great songwriter since Norman Fucking Rockwell. It was a great decision to join Jack Antonoff, a pop producer who had made a huge impact on Rey’s career. The two collaborated closely on the production of “NFR”, and “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”. The production side of things is less stable without Antonoff.

These album highlights are from a session in 2017 with members of The Last Shadow Puppets. They were joined by Alex Turner, Miles Kane, and Zach Dawes, who both have multiple production credits.

Miles Kane’s Dealer unlisted feature is the album’s best moment. Kane’s vocals are strong and have strong R&B influences. Del Rey’s harmonization.

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“When you lie right next to me” is another highlight; one of the few moments when the more folky production rises to fulfill the skills of the “Summertime Sadness” singer. “Thunder” is also extraordinary, originally part of a larger collaboration with Kane’s band.

The album attempts to find other sources for production support, including Mike Dean, but the results are disappointing. intoBoring imitation of Antonoff, or struggle to establish a foothold with a more folky sound.

DelRey proves that she is the “Blue Bannisters”, songwritingShe can make it in less pop-oriented music, she just needs to quit making instrumentals another challenge.

Listen to “Blue Bannisters”, right here.

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