On the Cleveland Indians renovation plans for Progressive Field – The Athletic

CLEVELAND – The Terrace Club in Progressive Field is largely dormant, an abandoned shell of its once living self. Its 14,000 square feet offers some of the most beautiful views of the ballpark, but the wasted real estate now includes bars with shutters, dust-covered TVs, and rows of upturned chairs resting on unused tables.

The glass-clad restaurant that hovers over the lower bowl on the left field line has rarely been in use in recent years – business began to slow down long before the pandemic. The members of the Indian organization consider it antiquated. It initially served as the jewel of the new ballpark, a coveted destination where fans who paid for special access drank cocktails and enjoyed gourmet dishes on white tablecloths as they watched the Indians dominate the American League. Now a team official compares the restaurant’s buffet to that of an Applebee.

The Terrace Club’s demise is perhaps a microcosm of what hit this franchise. The ballpark remains pristine even after 28 baseball seasons and cruel winters in northeast Ohio. However, it doesn’t work quite as efficiently as it used to. What fans expect from an in-game experience has changed over the years. The Indians try to adapt.

The organization has waited years for this moment and recently teamed up with an architectural firm to come up with new ideas for a redesigned Progressive Field once the new lease renewal, which will bring in $ 435 million in stadium upgrades, is received from the city Cleveland and Cuyahoga Counties was approved.

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