Shower chances return for your Wednesday

Rain chances returnIt’s possible to visit the area today but it won’t be a washout.

This WednesdayWe are seeing mild temperatures with temperatures in their 60s this morning. Even though widespread fog is not an issue in the morning, there are still areas of scattered fog that can be seen. forIndian River County and Okeechobee. The next major weather problem today will begin to emerge once the sun rises and the fog has cleared.

Today will see a small surface trough or an area of energy in our atmosphere lift from the Florida Keys to the Treasure Coast. This trough will bring onshore low-level moisture, which may lead to scattered showers during the afternoon.

These showers are likely to be scattered throughout the landscape, so not everyone will see them. The showers will be more of a nuisance than anything else, but one or two could bring a heavy downpour, particularly in Palm Beach county.

Throughout the day, the showers will shift from southwest towards northeast. The best chances forToday’s showers will be in Palm Beach County with reduced visibility chancesThe further north you travel, the more likely it is that there will be rain. Okeechobee, Indian River and other counties will have the lowest chance of seeing showers today. All across the region, daytime highs will reach the upper 70s.

Showers will recede by 8:15 p.m., creating partly cloudy skies. Low 60s temperatures are expected. forThe Treasure Coast, and the mid-60s for Palm Beach county. Tomorrow is expected to be dry with temperatures rising back into the upper 70s. This will be temporary as the next storm system is beginning to form.

On Thursday, another southeast storm will develop. This system will receive a little more energy from the atmosphere today than the one that is currently developing. This will allow a lot of Gulf of Mexico moisture into the southeast, which will help to create a nice core of storms and showers around a low surface.

That low will continue to lift into the Carolinas, eventually bouncing off the eastern coast. This will bring a cold front through the region Friday and Saturday night. Although there will be some showers and storms, it is unlikely that widespread activity will occur.

The front will likely stall over the region or to the south during the weekend. The front will permit forThe majority of the region will remain dry except for a few showers this weekend. The strong easterly winds that blow across the boundary will not cease, which means breezy conditions all weekend.

We could see another storm system next week. We might see better rain chancesNext week will be all-encompassing, but we’ll focus on the specifics chancesAs we get closer.

Just know that next week may be a little more wet than the one we saw recently.

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