Sights in Miami: WOPHA Congress 18.-19. November 2021

Aldeide Delgado (Cuban art historian and curator) is sitting inA white room with white curtains. While speaking to the New Times, she is wearing a white shirt. The only color she is allowed to wear is white. inThe black chair peeking out behind her shoulders is the frame.

Delgado passionately speaks out about her women-related workin-photography project. As she gestures, her delicate gold chain hops along with you.

The University of Havana is home to art history classes inDelgado discovered that Cuba was a place where women were largely excluded from the conversation. Delgado found that women artists and photographers were not often mentioned. inThey are also available in their textbooks.

“At school, and inDelgado states that you can see all the images on the island and are surrounded with propaganda. “A lot is done with photography to support the ideology of social transformation in the 50s and 70s.” [in Cuba]. ”

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As a curator and historian, she felt that there must be something to improve the visibility of women photographers. She started an online database in 2013. inShe gathered her extensive research, and created the online space Women Photographers International Archive ().WOPHA). The database grew over the years.

Delgado says, “It was very important to me to create an project that is like the reinterpretation history of photography as well as that notion of how Cuba was built. But from a feminist perspective.”

During her research, she asked herself one simple question: What contribution have women made in the history of photography?

In the beginning, her focus was on Cuban artists. WOPHALater, it was extended to document the work and lives of Latin American artists. inThe United States

Delgado made the move from the island to Miami, 90 miles off shore in 2016. Three years later she was awarded her first Knight Arts Challenge Scholarship to organize the first Knight Arts Challenge. WOPHACongress, which will be held later in the month.

WOPHA CongressTwo-day event on Women, Photography, And Feminisms inVenues in Miami that offer online presentations inVirtual space

Click to Enlarge The WOPHA Congress: Women, Photography and Feminisms will take place from 18.-19. November instead. - PHOTO BY MAGGIE STEBER

The WOPHA CongressFrom 18.-19, Women, Photography, and Feminisms will be featured. November instead.

Maggie Steber photo

The conference will be held from November18th to 19th WOPHA offers a list of well-known local and international art and photography organizations as sponsors and supporters, including Pérez Art Museum Miami, Arts Connection Foundation, Green Family Foundation, Green Space Miami, El Espacio 23, Faena Art, Lucie Foundation, Oolite Arts, the Betsy Hotel, and the Rubell Museum. These partners will either organize an event, artist residencies or studio visits as part the The Rubell Museum. WOPHA Congress.

Participants may participate inOnline or in-person. Panels and lectures will feature a host of artists and curators, including Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, Professor of Modern Culture and Media and Comparative Literature at Brown University; Roxana Marcoci, Senior Photography Curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) inNew York; Maggie Steber, Documentary Photographer; Deborah Willis Professor of Photography and Imaging at New York University.

Part of the WOPHAThe announcement of the Artists-in-Residence winner is part of the congress programinFor the next year, a residency program at the Betsy Hotel

“It is essential that we support the work of artists for me.” inDelgado says that the long-term is important. “It is vital that we don’t just choose artists for a program today but also think about how they will be supported in the long term,” says Delgado. inThe future is here.”

Delgado describes the role of Delgado and their unique relationship with marginalized identity in art.

“My approach to the arts has always been to give voice to those who may have been excluded from the history books. Through my work, I strive to make an impression [as historian and curator]. ”

Delgado claims that the archive truly moved forward after she moved to Miami. She officially founded the archive in 2018. WOPHATwo years after moving from Magic City, the organization was established as a non-profit.

“I always say that WOPHA emerged from my adaptation to the city of Miami,” she says with a big smile. “I live inMiami is home to me and I am proud of its cultural heritage. I began thinking about what my contribution could be to the city. I’ve thought a lot about this idea of ​​history and memory. ”

The core of the company is WOPHAThis is about creating a community of women artists and photographers. To achieve this goal,
Delgado plans to host a WOPHACongress every three years. She is also searching for a physical address for the international archive. in Miami.

“I look forward laying the foundation stone that will eventually create a physical space. WOPHA”To help create more opportunities and women photographers,” she said.

WOPHA Congress. Thursday, November18, Friday November 19, inDifferent locations are listed at Admission is free.

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