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Southeast Florida Forecast

20.-22. August


The fishing this week was excellent for trophy breeders snook. Catching 40 ″ plus snook is very common at this time of year. Large baits on heavy equipment are the key to successful trophy catching. Quick image and resuscitation are essential for a healthy publication. Tarpon fishing is getting hotter. Large tarpons feed on crabs and mullets this week. Fish weigh between 50 and 120 pounds, so heavy rigs and larger gear are recommended. Some big jacks also run around so you’ll have a big head tied in case you can throw a plug in the way with a big jack!


Cobia is close to offshore reefs and wrecks. Live bait or 3 oz cobia jigs will work great this week if you can find the fish. Sailing was phenomenal. We’re seeing loads of free jumping fish around 90-150 this week. Live bait fish with dredges ensure plenty of action! Bonito, mahi, kingfish, tuna and amberjacks are expected when slow trolling or drift fishing for sailfish. Bottom fishing was a hit or miss this week. Mutton snapper, trails, mangroves, triggerfish, vermilion snapper, and amberjack bite well when the current is moving at a reasonable pace. 6 to 10 ounces of lead with chicken rigs and cut bait or long leaders with live white bait will get many desirable bites. When bottom fishing, drop a sardine to the surface for extra action. Add guidewires to your surface rigs if you want to bring kingfish home for the smoker.

Captain Jonathan Earhart

Stuart, Florida

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