West Palm Beach man hits $ 2 million jackpot

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – A 69-year-old West Palm BeachA resident won the Florida Lottery’s grand prize recently.(*2*)

Officials claimed that Edward Kramer won $1 million. 2 million jackpotThe Jackpot Triple Play drawing was held on October 8.(*2*)

FLORIDA: MORE manFind $ 1 million Powerball ticket while cleaning up home(*2*)

Kramer bought Kramer’s jackpotNear Publix on 2895 North Military Trail, ticket West Palm Beach. (*2*)

Officials from the Lottery said that the retailer would receive a bonus of $. 2Selling the house at a cost of,000 jackpotThe winning ticket.(*2*)

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The chances of winning Jackpot Triple Play per ticket is one in 15.24. The chance of winning the Jackpot Triple Play per ticket is one in 15.24. jackpotOne ticket per 3,122,273.33(*2*)

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